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The BCC Group Mkrtchyan

Is a company built on experiences consequential to practices as well as economy activities of co-partners and employees that have been assembled through many years of  trading and counselling bussines.We benefit from gathering connections and contacts from different branches joining various businesses  together. In our team and among cooperating companies we avail fromor experts' knowledge of   low, trade, menagement, industry engineering; especially drilling. Our capital group mainly operates in industrial chemistry field for production as well as engineering jobs. As partners, in our portfolio we also  have companies from the commercial sectors.

The BCC company is based on a few pillars:

Industry area

  • Rough products- mineral resources for various stages of production

  • Drilling chemistry- cooperating with the best engineering and drilling chemistry businesses, selling products and services for our customers

Commercial area 

  • We run the exclusive distribution of niche spectacle frames of Bentley and Zilli brands in Poland and Armenia:
  • We signed contract with The Martin company for the food products delivery to the EU territory


Meet our team

Ruben Mkrtchyan

BCC partner
He graduated from two Krakow univerities, obtaining the Master Degree of Science at the AGH, Univeristy of Science and Technology; nonferrous metals faculty with the specialization of sales management in productions and trade. He also gained Master Degree of Economics at the Univeristy of Economics; faculty of Economics and International Relations

He worked in the WAM group hotel business and as a trader he also dealt with gastronomy as well as the financial sector and insurnace. He is the founder and originator of optic salons under his own brand. He is also interested in increasing trade and investments projects between Poland and CIS countries thanks to contacts from the country of origin.

Sławomir Włodek

BCC partner
He obtained doctoral degree awarded by  Univesity of Economics in Krakow; faculty of Economics and International Relations. He got Master's Degree in economics; faculty of Management in Production and Trade at The University, where he either completed a Bachelor's Degree in Administration. 

He got his job experience while co-creating driling industry companies as well as partnerships of transport and consulting business in which he cooperated with his alma mater PhDs. BCC co-founder. In his business and scientific activities he deals with management, intenational relations and economic security matters. In addition, he is an author of many analyzes on commercial and political realtions, he practices  interntionalization of companies. He cooperates with many institutions in Poland and abroad. 

Maciej Sawłowicz

Sale Manager

+48 601 4252103

Jacek Mkrtchyan

Project Manager

+48 600 561 114

Maria Romańczyk

Office Manager

+48 733 113 113

Meet our products and services


BCC Group Mkrtchyan is focused on  investments, indirect abroad trade export. We are looking for business partners which we can represent in the CIS countries. The contracts that we sign involve many economical sectors; from the chemical industry to construction and groceries. We support companies that don't want to open their own business abroad but want to export and need a representative of sale.

Our products

FRN- Natural Reclaim Rubber

Used in the production of:

  • natural rubber tubes for bicycles, not-heavy motor vehicles, trucks etc., 
  • extruded car elements, 
  • molded rubber products, other extruded products and adhesives.

FRB- Buthyl Reclaim Rubber

Used in the production of:

  • buthyl internal cylinders,
  • inner band rope,
  • glues, cables, hoses and black dyed rubber products.

Potassium chloride

Implementation in industry:

  • agricultural,
  • mining,
  • metallurgical,
  • food,
  • pharmaceutical.

Prime Gel X

Natural sodium bentonite with a high montmorillonite content. It characterized by high efficency and fresh water  dispersion easiness. The drilling mud made on the bentonite Prime Gel X base has a great ability to remove spoil and makes low permeability thin clay deposit. It is commonly used for horizontal drilling and where it is necssary to prepare a low solid phase content scrubber. Bentonite Prime Gel X can be also used as a single scrubber component or in other products combination, e.g. various types of polymers

Prime Gel Plus

Natural sodium bentonite with a high montmorillonite content. It characterized by high efficency and fresh water  dispersion easiness with lack of sanding. The drilling mud made on the bentonite Prime Gel Plus base has a great ability to remove spoil and makes low permeability thin clay deposit. The rheological parameters got on the base of Prime Gel Plus bentonite are solid over time. The scrubber is used commonly for horizontal drilling practiced in HDD and Microtunelling technology, drilling for vertical heat collectors and where necessity of quick preperation of low solid phase scrubber occurs. Bentonite Prime Gel Plus can also be used as a single scrubber component or as a link to other products, eg. various types of polymers.


We are a profesional team of experts that joins academic competences with private and public sector practical experiences. We specialize in widely defined strategic consulting. We cooperate with public sector institutions, enterprises, local governments, public administration, universities and research institutions. We deal with personal consulting; create payroll reports, work market and foreign markets analyzes, we can recognize business processes and suggest improvements, when offering IT systems that can boost efficiency of management.

Products that we offer:

Legal and market expertises

Financial and economic analysis

Market analysis

Strategic consulting


Internationalization of enterprises into the CIS area (entering eastern markets)

In this particular area, our company's activity is focused on helping bussinessman who consider making deals in Eastern market. Here, in Poland we offer help in solving various problems that could have been only dealt in Russia or with support of specialized company there. Now, you can receive assistance as well as a professional consultancy in conducting business in the East. Many entrepreneurs have already convinced that it is possible to make money in Russia by investing and running business with our help.

We offer:

  • starting a company and opening an agentship
  • certifications and permits
  • custom matters
  • tax issues
  • preparation of contracts and their legal expertise
  • searching for business partners in Russia and CIS countries
  • market analyzes of the current economic situation in particula Russian sectors
  • professional language translations


Investment in real estate, managing and renting

Czyż  here you can find BCC as a real estate operator- contracts signed with Covector Development; Krakow developer


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Warehouse address:

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